ELGT 2019 Music & Arts Appreciation Festival
Craft/Product/Service/Business Vendor Registration Form

Sign-up Deadline – Monday, August 5, 2019

East Liverpool’s Got Talent
2019 Music and Arts Appreciation Festival
Date:  August 17-18
Location:  Thompson Park

If you are a food vendor, please do not use this form!
All Food Vendors MUST Call for Availability – 330-932-0490

This event is for everyone who wants to be included. You don’t have to be a crafter. We encourage variety! By that we mean vendors of all kinds. Fill out the vendor form to set up a booth to sell your products, services, or to show off your skills. Crafters and artists of all types are welcomed and encouraged to participate!

  • All vendors must pay a non-refundable fee set up, which is payable when submitting this form. This fee covers all days of the event except for Friday, August 26th and is based on size of area needed. Pprices for available spaces are as follows:
    • 10×10 area – $30
    • 10×20 area – $60
    • 10×30 area – $90
  • Vendors are only permitted to set up for Saturday and Sunday of the event.
  • All vendors are responsible for their own merchandise, equipment, and monies.
  • All youth organizations MUST have adult supervision at all times.
  • During the event, all vendors are responsible for setting up and being prepared to serve the public by 10:00 am, Saturday, August 17, 2019.  The park opens at 7:00am and an event associate will be there at that time to guide you.
  • All vendors are responsible for keeping their booth area clean and are responsible for picking up any litter or garbage in that area.
  • All vendors are responsible for removing their merchandise and equipment from the park by 9:00 pm, Sunday, August 18, 2019. It is advised to start your clean-up by 7:30 pm on this day so as to have the park empty by closing time.

Submission of this form indicates you, as a participating vendor, understand that East Liverpool’s Got Talent, The City of East Liverpool, Thompson Park, and Sponsors cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to merchandise or equipment or for injury.

Once your form has been submitted and payment made, our vendor coordinator, Trista Slater will contact you with more details. As you enter the festival area you will be guided where to set up your booth. Vendors spaces will be assigned in order of arrival. In other words, spaces are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

To avoid congestion in the park during set-up, we ask that all vendors unload their items in their spots, go park your car in the allotted parking lot, and then return to set up your booth.

Use the button below to submit the vendor registration form. Once the form is submitted you will be taken to the payment step.

ELGT 2019 Festival Vendor Participation Form

For more information, please contact
Trista Slater, Director of Vendor Registration at Tslater10062012@gmail.com.