Fallen Kingdom

Genre: Metal

Andrew Waddle – Vocals
Trent Diddle – Guitar
Alex Emmert – Guitar
Nick Ordich – Drums

E-mail: fallenkingdomband@gmai.com
Phone: (330) 853-7290
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fallenkingdomband
Twitter: twitter.com/Fallen_Kingdom_

Fallen Kingdom, formerly known as Conspiracy Theory, is a 5 piece metalcore band from the Tri-State area. The music we play is our passion and our outlet from our everyday lives.  We don’t play for the fame or the fortune but for the experience and thrill of the scene.  We write about what we want.

From serious topics such as politics, religion, and personal stories to fun/humorous subjects such as video games, tv shows, and sex. The music we produce is for our own enjoyment as well as for everyone else that comes to see us.