Oliver graduated from ELHS in 1996 after spending his school years playing bassoon, trombone and any other wind instrument he could get in his hands. He participated in the school musicals, marching, concert, pep, and jazz bands, and also was a member of the South Hills Junior Orchestra in Pittsburgh. While in college, he got introduced to his first stringed instrument when his roommate left his bass guitar undefended. Between studies, Oliver learned to play the bass along to Pink Floyd, Cake, and Rusted Root. Oliver put his love of the bass to work by helping form The Bedfellows in 2002. He contributed as a vocalist, bassist, keyboardist, and songwriter.

After the Bedfellows disbanded, a few members regrouped in 2005 and formed One Eyed Owl. Since there was another bassist, Oliver took over lead guitar duties. One Eyed Owl played several gigs locally and in Pittsburgh. Oliver left the project in July of 2013.

Oliver joined ARetrospect in August of 2013 as their front-man. He continues to evolve musically and lends his songwriting and multi-instrumental talents to help this classic rock inspired sound to the next level. Their first EP was released in November 2013 and the group plans on a full length album and supporting tour for 2014.