The following story was submitted by James Hill on November 21, 2013.

I first met John in 7th grade at Westgate, we were both 13. John had just come home from Military School Linsley I believe. His hair was cut in a high and tight, he cut corners as if he were still in Military School. He addressed everyone as Sir or Mam. As the years pasted his hair grew longer and his love of the guitar grew even longer. He often gigged with the rest of the hippies at ELHS. He also frequently played with his Father at Naples on third street. His favorite song was Rocky Raccoon, his favorite group Aqualung, and the most entertaining and politically incorrect thing in the world today, was John’s 1974 imitation of Steven Wonder doing Superstition. John always had a sad quality about him that gave his music a soul and depth, I haven’t heard in a long time. The summer he died I had crashed my Mountain Bike and broke both of my arms, precluding me playing at his jam in Thompson Park. I would have played “Shooting Star” truly John’s story. Johnny’s life passed him by like awarm summer day, If you listen to the wind you can still hear him play.

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