Performance Guidelines

Just a reminder to all concert performers, the show is almost upon us and we’re very anxious to see all of you giving your 110% for the city of East Liverpool and for your various neighborhoods and communities. We do want to remind you of a few crucial details to insure that we have a smooth running show that will be not only a good time for everyone, but something that you can look back onto with pride knowing that you were part of the East Liverpool’s Got Talent Music & Arts Appreciation Festival!

Our number one concern is time. It’s absolutely essential that you stay within your allotted time. A good rule of thumb would be to cut your performance 5 minutes ahead of your official end time to avoid any possibility of running over. This is something we cannot afford to let happen. One act’s 5 minute run over becomes 10 minutes, then 20 minutes, then, well, you get the idea. Schedule is so critical that we have to cut off at the end of the time slot regardless of whether the act is performing or not. PLEASE do not put us in that position. We’re so very grateful to each and every one of you who volunteered their time and talent to make this concert a success; we don’t want to have any hard feelings on anyone’s part. We want to get you started on time, please finish slightly ahead of your end time so we can assure a smooth schedule.

All egos should be left at home, when we’re all pulling together for a common goal that makes us all equal partners in this effort. No one is better than anyone else at ELGT.

Our backstage plan is to bring equipment in and out as quickly and as quietly as we possibly can. The one hour bands will be playing on the central part of the stage where the stage area will be the biggest. The acoustic, one or two performer acts will be playing in front of a closable curtain. This curtain is able to rise and fall as needed. When the acts are performing out front, the band equipment will be being exchanged behind the curtain. Please arrive early enough to have your drum kits, keyboard rigs, floor pedals, etc. pre-assembled and ready to move into position when needed. Microphones will be assigned ahead of time and will maintain that assignment throughout the show. In other words, the bass drum mic will always be the bass drum mic, the guitar amp mic will be a guitar amp mic, and so forth. This will save a lot of time and cut back on sound checks.

DRUMMERS!!! – Please consider the possibility of sharing drum kits with bands either before you or after you. You know the hassle of setting up your drums and getting the mics set. This would save a ton of time. Look up the bands on the schedule and contact their drummer to see if this would be possible. Bass players might want to consider doing the same thing. Guitarists like to use their own guitars and amps. We’re cool with that.

If we all work together we can put on a show that will never be forgotten! You were in on the ground floor! Let’s show the world what the musical community in our area is all about!

Keith Williams, Stage Manager